Luminous Sticky Anti-Stress Balls
Luminous Sticky Anti-Stress Balls
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Luminous Sticky Anti-Stress Balls


Size: about 4.5 cm
Glowing Time: Dark

Package Included:
8pcs Luminous Sticky Anti-Stress Balls

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Package Included: 8PCS Luminous Sticky Anti-Stress Balls

It adopts one-piece molding without rivets and a smooth and cornerless design; it will not hurt you. It is a new way to have fun!

  • Wrapped in silicone material, soft and elastic material can protect the baby’s fragile gums, environmentally friendly materials are harmless.
  • No parts fall off, preventing babies from swallowing by mistake.
  • Indoor activities decompression, adsorption can be used as the sticky target ball.
  • It can be self-adhesive on glass, wood, and other flat surfaces.

Luminous Sticky Anti-Stress Balls


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